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Mazi Abu Dhabi
Call to Reserve: +97124988888
mazi abu dhabi founders
Mazi Abu Dhabi
Mazi opened its doors in Notting Hill, London in June 2012 . Founded by Adrien Carré and Christina Mouratoglou , who were united in their passion for Greek food, introduced an exciting new Greek cuisine, breathing new life, color and flavour into worn stereotypes.

In MAZI, Christina and Adrien introduce authentic Greek flavors with their own innovative twist. Placing a strong emphasis on sharing a feast of small dishes, they introduce sharing style recipes exploding with flavour, yet relying only on the finest fresh ingredients and simple techniques to achieve the best results.

Let Mazi Abu Dhabi take you on a culinary journey around Greece indulging in the history, scenery and incredible flavours of this remarkable country.
The Greek word Mazi means "together" - revives the sharing culinary tradition of Greece. In the realm of food, Mazi is a stimulating combination of flavorful dishes perfect for sharing.

Curated by entrepreneurs Christina and Adrien, the menu is unexpected, and contemporary without alienating the Greek taste. It embodies the quintessence of Greek culture. The menu is designed to be shared by the whole table & each dish is served when it's ready.
We play with textures, ingredients and presentation but each mouthful will transport you back to Greece. Our food is playful, fresh, engaging and is for everyone!

Dining at MAZI Abu Dhabi is a social and sharing experience, where dishes are made with love and with the finest ingredients using only the best in local and Greek produce, which aim to offer a contemporary Greek dining experience, in a relaxed and comfortable setting.
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